Human Involution and Evolution – Part 2

Vertical Evolution and the Path

The Path of Unfoldment can be speeded up by meditation—the conscious, intelligent use of the mind. The Spiritual Path is an attempt to come quickly to Buddhic Consciousness and from there to Nirvāṇa. By taking up the Path, the true Zen student, the true Sufi, Mystic, Buddhist, Christian, Yogī, Sikh or Taoist, is hastening his or her Evolution towards Nirvāṇa.

The Spiritual Path is simply the hastening of Natural Evolution, shortening it by hundreds of thousands of years.

The long process of Reincarnation, or re-embodiment into physical bodies, is not meant to be a burden, but an endless opportunity to hasten one’s evolution and re-enter Nirvāṇa, the Kingdom of God, whence we descended long aeons ago.

Each one of us has gone this ceaseless round [of rebirths]… The deviation of each one’s course, and his/her rate of progress from Nirvāṇa to Nirvāṇa, is governed by causes which he himself, or she herself, creates out of exigencies in which he or she finds himself or herself entangled.  ~  The Masters of Wisdom


The Law of Radiation

Science knows of radioactive substances—certain elements which spontaneously emanate radiation as a result of changes in the nuclei of the atoms of these elements. But in fact, more things “radiate” than just a few elements known by science.

  • Radiation is inner energy shining through matter or form.
  • The radiatory body, in all forms, is the etheric body. Physical bodies, by themselves, are inert. The radiatory substance is the etheric matter or energy.

In science, radiation means “an energy emitted by a body and transmitted through a space or medium”. The Master DK refers to the same phenomenon when dealing with the destiny of planets at the end of a Manvantaric period:

As a planetary scheme nears its consummation it becomes radioactive, and through radiation transfers its essence to another absorbent planet or planets. This is the case with a solar system also. In the case of a solar system, its essence is absorbed by a receiving constellation, and the outer “case” returns to the original “unorganised” condition of Space.

When a human being reaches a certain stage of evolution, he or she also begins to shine. This is the meaning of the symbolic auras and halos around the heads of Saints in all religions. This shining of Man comes about after Regeneration, meaning Spiritual Rebirth or “the restoration of an organism to its ideal condition”. This is the Law of Radiation in the Human Kingdom.

Jesus was referring to this rebirth when He said:

Let your Light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.  ~  Matthew 5:16

And Buddha said, “Be your own Lamp,” meaning “shine with your own Light”. This is the true esoteric meaning of the old Vedic idea of becoming “twice-born” and the Christian idea of being “born again”.

The Law of Radiation is “Shining”.

Ātman, the Spirit within you, is Self-Effulgent with a Bright Light.

The Universe (Jagat) is Self-Luminous within, and from the Godhead shines forth the Inner Light.


Human Evolutionary Epochs

Science has been attempting to describe the physical evolution of the human species. Not only the physical body is evolving, however, but the mind and Soul as well. In fact, Evolution operates on at least four distinct levels:

  • Physical evolution.
  • Psychic evolution.
  • Mental evolution.
  • Soul-Spiritual evolution.

It is vitally important to keep in mind this fourfold Reality of human life on this planet—the physical, astral, mental and spiritual—because, in the coming Age, great developments will take place on the mental and spiritual levels also.

Human Evolution proceeds on these four levels of development through great evolutionary epochs, also called Root-Races:


Borean and Hyperborean Epochs

During these earliest periods of human evolution, Man had no dense physical body. The Borean and Hyperborean epochs concerned themselves with the development of the etheric-physical body.

Lemurian Epoch

The Lemurian epoch concerned itself with the Physical Plane, with the evolution of the gross physical body and the two lowest cakra—the Base Cakra and the Sex Cakra. The physical body of Man has since been slowly evolving over countless millennia. The Lemurian epoch led to gross magic, black magic, earth-control, and so forth. During this epoch, people could not “feel”.

Atlantean Epoch

In Atlantean days the evolutionary emphasis was on the Astral Plane—the development of the astral body, the Solar Plexus Cakra and the emotional nature. The Solar Plexus Cakra is the seat of the emotions and is connected to the astral body and the Astral Plane; therefore, the control of the Solar Plexus Cakra gives control of the emotions and of the Astral World.

In Atlantean days the solar plexus was the highest centre to be conquered. Consequently, there was a strong development of the physical and psychic qualities, but mental and spiritual development were neglected. This led to many forms of psychism: the control of subhuman or elemental lives, shamanism, spirit-worship, ancestor-worship, mediumship, channelling and psychic powers. As a result, the old Atlantean civilization reached a crisis and was destroyed. During this epoch, people could not “think”.

Āryan Epoch

This present period of development commenced several thousand years ago and emphasizes the development of the mental body, the mind structure, the ability to think, to reason, to be logical. This has led to science, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, and so forth.

During this epoch, Humanity is supposed to concentrate on the cakra abovethe solar plexus. At this time the emphasis is on the Mental Plane—the evolution of the mental body and the Throat Cakra. What is more, the great Teachers of the past have already indicated the futureof Humanity by implying the need to meditate in the Heart Cakra, the Third-Eye and the Crown Cakra.

The Next Epoch

During the future evolutionary epoch, the emphasis will be on the Buddhic Plane (the plane of Union or Mystical At-One-ment) and the development of the Intuitional Body and the Heart Cakra. This is the stage of Unitive Consciousness in the Bliss Body (Ānanda­māyākośa). The future great Age will see the development of the Buddhi in the masses of people. For the greater masses, this will occur several thousand years into the future.

Excerpt from Heaven & Hells of the Mind Vol 1 – Pages 173-177

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