God, the Healer of Broken Hearts  

All diseases of body, emotions and mind, all imperfections of character and personality, all weakness and flaws in the nature of Man, arise because the human Soul is restricted in its abilities to control the bodies constituting the human personality.  In fact, there is little connection, if any, between the Soul and the various bodies of the personality.  Your physical body simply acts out the projections from your mind (thoughts) and the impulses of feeling from your astral body.   Hence, the New Birth must begin with your mind and feeling nature.

The Soul, however, can be induced to take more notice of the personality by invocation using Metanoia (a Greek word meaning “Transforming the mind, renewing what is in the mind”). Metanoia is the principle of becoming new by invoking the Soul-Power by the right mind-set or attitude. It can also mean “transcendental, beyond the mind, above the mind, Transcendental Consciousness (or that which leads to it)”.  Invocation is necessary to shift the Attention of the Soul from Soul-preoccupation to dealing with personality concerns. Healing of body, emotions or mind is easier if we can invoke the Soul-Power, the Master Power, into our lives.

It is a truism that the more Soul-Power a person has, the healthier he or she will be.  Complete health is not possible, however, because Nature is imperfect and little can be done about that because of the state of Planetary Evolution. The high frequency Soul-Power very often helps to restore order on the personality level, which brings about healing, but, on the other hand, intense power from the Soul can cause havoc for an unprepared personality mechanism. Therefore it is critical to introduce this power safely, such as through Metanoia statements.

All negative emotions are conditions of your astral body. They arise from a basic insecurity felt in your astral body. This occurs because, by Nature, the human astral body (emotional mechanism) is cut off from the Higher Worlds, from the Transcendental States or Higher States of Consciousness. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, pride, self-centredness or selfishness, feelings of unworthiness, of being unwanted or unloved, actually block the Light of the Soul from entering and circulating the Life-force on the personality level. Thus, you can recognize the immense damage that negative emotions cause to the human system. Negative emotions obstruct the Light and thus produce darkness in the personality.

Throughout the ages, people have attempted to deal with emotional problems through alcohol consumption, drugs (medical and hallucinogenic) and psychological counselling. But the problems don’t go away, either for you as an individual or for the whole human family.

The solution is to:

a.   Infuse the Mind-Principle with Superconsciousness (Samādhi) through correct meditational process.

b.   When the mind is saturated with the Bliss, Wisdom and Love of the Higher Consciousness states, it automatically transforms your astral body into a positive, radiant and happy emotional state. The process is natural: as you infuse your mind with the touch of Transcendental States of Consciousness through the correct meditational processes it happens by itself.

Thus, the remedy for the emotional problems of Humanity is the right meditational methods which establish the Mind-Principle in the Higher Levels of Consciousness. Metanoia, the Liberation of the Mind and personal transformation, depend on your state of mind, for ultimately your mind controls not only your thought-processes, but your feelings and emotions and your physical body as well. The key lies in the state of your mind.

The emotional states of worry, fear and anxiety are created by thoughts, wrong thoughts. Because they are created by the mind, they can be banished by the mind.  You can change your thought-currents by using Metanoia statements.

Here are some examples in relation to fear and stress.

There is nothing to fear. Fear is a thought.
To conquer fear you have to conquer thought.
If there is no thought, there is no fear.

Fear is the sensation of being separated from the Divine Energy.

Fear of Life and fear of Death arise from the same things: fear of changes in external circumstances; dependence on people, things, situations, and reluctance to let go of them; and fear of the Past, the Present or the Future (what may happen?).

In this world, everything is transient, nothing is lasting, nothing is permanent.
For most people this is difficult to adjust to.

Human beings cry for attention because they are not centred within themselves.
The remedy is to teach them how to become centred.

Do not fear any person, condition or circumstance, for the Being of God, and the Essence of God, are your very own Being and your very own Essence.

It matters not what other people think of you, or even what you think of yourself. God knows best.

Let not fear control your life. Tranquillity.

Stress is the inability to cope with change.

The feelings of guilt, sadness, fear, imperfection, loneliness will slowly disappear as we learn increasingly to identify with our true Self, the Soul of Light that we are.

When we Know the true I AM,
there is nothing to fear, no one to fear,
nothing to hate, no one to hate,
for all is enveloped in the Love of God.

When the I AM is known, stress disappears.

Fear, depression, stress, loneliness and insecurity disappear, are transformed by the Living Light, the Light of the Self, the Being of Light.

The Holy Heart has no fear, for God alone Is.

There is no time or fear in Being (that is, in God).

Give up resentment for past happenings in your life, future fears and present anger, and you will be Happy.

am not going to be stressed-out, no matter what my circumstances.

have nothing to fear:
The Self is Peace. I am that Peace.
The Self is Love. I am that Love.
The Self is Strength. I am that Strength.
The Self is Bliss. I am that Bliss.
The Self is Radiant Energy. I am that Energy.
The Self is Victorious. I am that Victory.
The Self is Free. I am Free.
The Self lacks nothing.
I draw to myself all things that I need.

Without reproach of the Past,  without fear of the Future,
I go on.

Excerpt from Heavens & Hells of the Mind (Vol 3, Pages 1432 – 1435)

One thought on “God, the Healer of Broken Hearts  

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Someone recently told me that I was very forgiving of someone close to me who had caused me distress. I told her that I don’t think of myself as forgiving. When you care about someone’s welfare on a Soul level, all you want is their happiness and well-being. We only truly live in the present moment. All that has come before and all that remains in the future is like a box with a movable partition, or a river that can run in many directions. One can view any part of the space within the partitioned box when one is attuned to a higher frequency of Reality. This is not like being a psychic, who may be swayed by the ego into feeling that they have some special powers. It is just a different way of looking at what is real.

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