The Science of Sound

The Ancients understood the situation; they knew that most humans were out of tune with their original plan, their Soul plan, and that living in physical bodies in the physical world was difficult for them. They also knew that the internal structure of the Universe was Sound. So they had the idea to use the Science of the Sacred Language, the Science of Sound, to give people the ability to try to be what they really wanted to be, to be more like the internal vision they had of themselves.

This science was based on this simple realisation: The physical body is not what you really are and your situation in the physical world is not what you really aspire to as a Living Soul who is cosmically evolving. But you can use the Science of Sound to change yourself and become who you really are.


The Key to Soul Evolution

The Science of the Primordial Language, which is just as real as the science of electricity or the science of locomotive power, can give you energy and power. All of the Seed Sounds have cosmic powers on the level of the Spirit and then they have power on the Causal, Astral and Physical as they come down through the various realms. If you practice these Seed Sounds they will help you physically, give you positive emotional vibrations and a luminous mind-structure, and they will create harmony in your life.

That alone is a priceless gift. But beyond that there is a much deeper dimension to it: as you use these sound-structures you will realize that what you are doing is also tuning into your own internal reality.

When you reach the Causal World and are in your Causal Consciousness listening to your own Soul, you can tune down and determine whether or not your life-stream is in tune with the plan of your Soul, and then you can modulate your life-stream accordingly. What is more, you can tune up and listen to the Primordial Song of the Spirit and know how much you as a Living Soul are in tune with the eternal Spirit, the dynamic reality we call the Godhead. Then you as a Living Soul can make internal adjustments to be more perfect in accordance with the Divine Plan in the Infinite Mind of God—which is what I call Soul.


Evolution or Spiritual Evolution.

Once you have established yourself in Soul-Consciousness and are able to work with it, then you start a completely new evolutionary phase: you begin to reach upwards towards the Spirit. You begin to hear the Song of the Spirit, Sound-Vibrations that are so perfect they make your Soul shake. Wishing you could produce that music, therefore, you begin to work on yourself, internally—a work within a work. You work on your essential Self, ever refining and tuning in, trying to reach that primordial sound, the Song of Creation. Then you are a Yogī, a Mystic or a Saint and start evolving on a different spiral of Evolution.

The Science of Sound, if you understand it and practise it, will radically change your whole life, but as I said, if you go further than that, one day you will wake up and know that you are a completely different person. This happens when, through your meditation and spiritual practices, you have reached a certain point of your Journey: you have touched the Causal Worlds, you have seen yourself as the Living Soul and you have seen where you are going in Eternity.

Suddenly you will realize that now your cosmic life and purpose have begun, that now you are a cosmic human being—a real Spiritual Warrior. Before that you were an ordinary human being belonging to a particular culture and nation, but now you belong to the Cosmos. You realize that your evolution has nothing to do with your personal self, which is only a fragment of your Self, and that your true reality is somewhere else, in other cosmic realities.



Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Pages 141 – 142)


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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Once upon a time, as I was trying to avoid my homework, I heard this remarkable music. It was winter and I rushed to open all the windows. I was convinced that someone must be singing Christmas carols somewhere near our house. I never could find the source of this delicate beautiful singing, so I just sprawled back on my bed and enjoyed it. I have no idea if I ever finished my homework, but I certainly didn’t care!

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