The Crown Jewel of Knowledge

The Forces of Unification

This is important knowledge in terms of understanding the plan, purpose and destiny of your life and of the state of the world. It is esoteric knowledge that will help you deal with existence itself. Before you can work out your Salvation, you have to understand this existential reality:

The basic nature of Material Creation is Disintegration.

In this Universe nothing is permanent and nothing can be permanent. The very Material Creation is based on Disintegration. If something is born, it will have to die; if something grows, it will have to decline; everything that is put together falls apart. This is the Basic Law of Material Creation. Disintegration is inherent in existence itself.

By Material Creation we mean the Physical World, the Astral World and the Mental World. These three realms are what we call the perishable realms, which are always changing and renewing themselves through birth and death. Everything in Material Creation is always disintegrating, but that is not a negative thing; you have to look at it positively. If the Universe around us did not disintegrate we would be stuck. Imagine if we were back in the Dark Ages, when the Church ruled by terror and torture during the Inquisition. Imagine if that system had not disintegrated. The very fact of disintegration helps us move forward so that we don’t get locked into one bad state, or even a good state; we don’t get locked into one situation forever.

So, the Law of Disintegration is basic and positive, but it is only one part of the Law. The other part is:

In order to maintain yourself and to reach the Eternal, you need the Forces of Unification.

There are two things involved here. First, to maintain your physical body, emotional nature and mental nature and every aspect of your life (because everything is disintegrating all the time) you need to have something to balance the disintegration. That “something” is the Forces of Unification, which are energies and powers that work in reverse of Disintegration. Second, to reach the Eternal, the Timeless, the Transcendental, the Absolute, that which never changes—for that you also need the Forces of Unification.

This means that to maintain your life—your health, relationships, job, family, environment —you need the Forces of Unification because if they are not active in your life, everything in and around you automatically disintegrates. That’s why families disintegrate, communities disintegrate, nations disintegrate, empires disintegrate. It’s natural for that to happen, if people do not understand that there are forces that work in the opposite way, for unification.

Besides maintaining yourself in your present embodiment, however, you need the Forces of Unification to reach beyond that, into the Eternal Reality That Never Changes. And this is where the lack of esoteric knowledge comes in. Many people try to reach the Eternal— or Nirvāṇa, Self-Realization, God-Realization, the Ultimate Truth or whatever you like to call it—but they do not understand that they are living in a universe that is always disintegrating, and that there are forces that counter this disintegration and must be used for one’s Salvation. They do their best and then find they cannot concentrate, or other problems always crop up. Most of them never achieve their goal because they do not know that disintegration is normal, that it’s how Nature works, but that there is another set of unifying forces that they can use.

Next, let us consider how this Unification process works, that is, which forces within you need to be unified. That is the key.

First of all, why you do not succeed, whether it is a spiritual quest or a material quest, is because your inner forces are continually causing disintegration. To understand this on a practical level, when you have an idea to do something, how quickly do you get sidetracked? As soon as you decide that you want to become a doctor, lawyer, dentist or the prime minister of New Zealand, disintegration starts immediately and things come up to prevent you from achieving your goal—unless you understand the Law and invoke the Forces of Unification to stop the disintegration and take you to your vision or goal. In other words, your inner forces need to be unified to succeed in this life in anything whatsoever, including your great quest for the Eternal.

So, what needs to be unified inside you?

(1) Your Physical Forces

If you want to be successful in anything, whether it is the Spiritual Path or passing an exam or in any situation whatsoever, one of the things you need to do is unify your physical forces. By physical forces, we mean the energy or the ability of your physical mechanism to do things.

Even if you are studying for an exam you have to have your physical body in reasonably good shape. If you are staying out late every night and consuming large amounts of alcohol, when the examination time comes you will realize that you are not physically fit to take the exam.

To be successful in any project you need your physical forces unified.

(2) Your Emotional Forces

Strange as it may seem, a lot of people are moody, upset, argumentative, angry or annoyed and think nothing of it; they think it’s normal.

For any success you must have your emotional forces under control, unified and singularly directed to one purpose. If your emotions are running wild you will never succeed even in the simplest thing; you will have problems straight away. Whatever you do, from the simplest to the greatest, your emotional forces must work in unison.

(3) Your Mental Forces (Thoughts)

Obviously, if your thoughts are all over the place and not focused on what you are doing, you will fail.

So with any project, from the simplest physical job to the ultimate project of reaching Enlightenment, you have to have your physical forces unified, your emotional forces unified and your mental forces unified in order to attain your goal. The disintegrating forces work automatically— you don’t have to think about them or invoke them—so you must intelligently counter them by unifying your physical, emotional and mental forces.

Then you have what is called an integrated personality, which means that your body, emotions and mind function as a single unit, focused on your objective. All the energies of the personality are driving towards that objective and you will succeed, whether you are in the field of sports, politics or any creative field. If you have single-minded concentration and your internal physical and emotional energies are unified, you will succeed. That’s the secret of success.

I’m sure you have met people in your life who you felt were integrated. They always know what they are doing and they do it. They have an energy around them that is positive, dynamic, active and successful. All their forces on the personality level work together in unison. They may not know about the occult law but they do it automatically—for whatever reason. You do not have to know about the Law, but it’s better if you do because then you can consciously use it yourself.


Excerpt from The New Heaven and The New Earth (Pages 79 – 83)

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