The Way of Visualizing the Real – The Ninth Gate

Strangely enough, the Way of Visualizing the Real is the most widely used Gate, employed daily by millions of people, and the least known and understood—which is why people do not achieve Enlightenment in large numbers. So we will explain why this is a Cosmic Gate and how you can use it to attain Eternal Life.

Each of these Nine Paths is based on Cosmic Law (how the Cosmos works) and how human beings are related to the workings of the Cosmos, and for each of these Paths there are principles that give you an overall understanding of what the Law is about. Fundamental to understanding this beautiful path, the Way of Visualizing the Real, is this first principle:

The Mind is the image-making faculty. Therefore, the Mind can be controlled by Images, Pictures and Symbols.

Let us start with the level of ordinary understanding. Firstly, you have a mind—which is not the brain. If you think that your mind is your brain, then you will not understand this Path. The mind uses the brain, which is just a physical instrument, a contact point to enable you to function in the physical body in the physical world. The mind itself is something else. The mind is the mental body, which is made of subtle matter much finer than physical matter and finer still than emotional (astral) matter. Now, your mind, your mental body, has an image-making faculty. In fact, to make images is the faculty of the mind, and because we all have it, every human being on this planet can be liberated through the Ninth Gate, if they can understand the science behind it.

So the first part of this principle is to acknowledge that the mind has an image-making faculty; the second part, however, is the real secret: the mind can therefore be controlled by images, pictures and symbols. This is the key understanding that most people miss. Because your mind has that faculty, you can use that faculty to control your mind.

The whole idea of this part of the Esoteric Science is based on putting pictures, symbols and images in your mind. (The science is that you have to know what picture or symbol to use for what effect.) This is why esoteric groups have the Tarot Keys, Kabbalistic diagrams, Maṇḍalas, alchemical diagrams, and why people have holy pictures of Our Lady, Quan Yin, the Christ, the Buddha, Goddesses or Saints. The mind can be controlled by such images, symbols and pictures, and it is a most perfect and natural way of control because it does not involve taking drugs like LSD or prescribed medicines. You use the very faculty of the mind that everyone has and you don’t have to introduce some external factor.

The minds of millions of people are out of control because they have not been taught that the mind can be controlled by putting the right picture into it. In fact, you can control your mind to absolute perfection and you can achieve anything, depending on the picture that you put into it. You can be a creative artist; you can be a great scientist; you can be an excellent politician; you can become a great Sage, Adept or Master; you can be anything—whatever you put into your mind, you become. This image-making faculty is the most beautiful and amazing faculty we have; it is a gift from God to Mankind. So the first principle is that of control, you can control the mind by the very images and symbols the mind generates. The next principle says there is something you can do to transform your mind.

Desire-Fuelled Mind-Images have the power to transform your life and make it God-like or hellish.

Again, this is something we all experience but we have not been told the truth behind it. The key here is desire-fuelled mind-images. An image in your mind that you continually desire has the power to transform your life for better or worse, depending on what the image is. In other words, you will either move up or down the scale of evolution depending on what kind of image you have in your mind and what degree of desire you project towards that image.

Have you ever met a husband and wife who look like each other? This happens when they each have a desire-fuelled image of the other in their minds. After a while those images blend together and the couple look the same and have the same way of talking and doing things. Some people have desire-fuelled mind-images to be like the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies, and they dress up and act like them. This also works in a negative way. For example, an innocent youth joins a street gang and becomes corrupted because he wants to be like the other gang members. He uses desire-fuelled mind-images to transform his life into a hellish life. Society is filled with desire fuelled images and people gravitate towards them, either elevating or degrading themselves, depending on the image they desire.

The human mind has the image-making faculty because the Divine Mind functions in the same way:

God also creates by Images (Archetypes) in the Cosmic Mind.

Creative Art is based on Imagination.

Once the Divine Mind starts creating images (which we technically call archetypes), those images become galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, angelic beings, human beings—in a word, Reality. And as the Creative Mind of God keeps thinking, Evolution proceeds according to the perfect archetypes in the Divine Mind.

What God is can be scaled down to what a human being is, so all human faculties are the faculties of the Deity, except on a miniscule scale. On the human level, therefore, creative art is based on imagination. For instance, a potter who wants to create a beautiful vase has to first create it in his or her mind before materializing it physically. Similarly, before each great cycle of Universal Manifestation, the Mind of God forms an image of the next Universe and materializes that image into physical shape and form over billions of years of involution and devolution. It takes a long time to create Physical Manifestation, in the same way that it takes time for a potter who imagines a vase to create the physical vase.

The process is always the same: from a formless condition, an intelligence (whether human, angelic, planetary or Solar Logoic) begins to think and formulates from that nothingness an image of what is to be. From that image, a great Cosmic Creator (the Solar Logos) or a human being (an artist) begins to work to materialize that image in physical form.

So the creative arts—carving, sculpting, painting or any form of art that materializes something in the physical world—are based on the natural faculty of imagination. We all have this creative faculty, but not all we create leads to the Divine; some leads to hell. Some artists can be emotionally disturbed but still use the creative ability of the mind to create. There was an exhibition of a modern artist in a major American city a few years ago, and the gallery staff who were hanging the pictures felt the energy from those paintings to be so negative that they didn’t want to be responsible for hanging them. Creative art is based on imagination, but we need to be aware of whether it produces a positive, inspiring energy or not.


Excerpt from The New Planetary Reality (1st Edition Pages 185-189, 2nd Edition Pages 171-175)

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