The Foundation of the World – Part One

The Foundation of the World is an important subject if you want to attain Cosmic Consciousness.

The word for foundation in Sanskrit is Mūlādhāra—Mūla means “root, source or foundation”; Adhāra also means “basic, basis or foundation”. So Mūlādhāra has a double meaning of “foundation, root or basic substratum”. Also, the Mūlādhāra Chakra is commonly called the Base Chakra.

Everything has a north pole and a south pole—an atom, a human being, a planet, an angel, a solar system, a galaxy and even the whole Universe itself. What we call the North Pole and the South Pole of the planet are actually invisible energy radiation fields, tremendous vibrant fields of energy with opposite polarities. In a human, the Crown Chakra is the North Pole and the Base Chakra is the South Pole. In the Cosmos, the Physical World is the South Pole and the Nirvāṇic World is the North Pole. (The terms the Kingdom and the Kingdom of God are found throughout the ancient Jewish-Christian literature, including the New Testament and the Old Testament. The Kingdom refers to the world, the South Pole, and the Kingdom of God refers to Nirvāṇa, the North Pole.)

You have to understand this before you can develop Cosmic Consciousness because you cannot move from Self-Realization (the first stage of Enlightenment) directly into Cosmic Consciousness (the second stage of Enlightenment). Many Yogīs remain on the level of Self-Realization, thinking they have achieved the highest, whereas they have reached only the first stage of Enlightenment. In fact, attaining Cosmic Consciousness requires more than just reaching the top, the North Pole, and staying there.

Cosmic Consciousness is essentially about acquiring a cosmic sense through the union of the Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra, the North Pole and the South Pole. This involves the correct functioning of your whole energy-field, from North to South, that is, the harmonious functioning of all the various energy centres and life currents inside you. Only then can you attain Cosmic Consciousness.

This is an understanding that you have to apply first and foremost in your daily life, because any extreme activity will prevent you from attaining Cosmic Consciousness.

In the world today there are many fitness freaks who think of nothing else but their body and every milligram of substance they eat and every microsecond of exercise they do. They have an overactive Base Chakra, just like the people who are into extreme sports and are always looking for something to challenge their physical bodies to the extreme limit.

This Base Chakra activity is increasing, thanks to the Aquarian Age, and because the Base Chakra of the Earth is being stimulated by cosmic energies and forces.  These energies influence all of Nature, including human beings, so more and more people have overactive Base Chakras, which makes them physical and dense in vibration and blocks their possibility of awareness of the North Pole, the Crown Chakra. If you are a materialist, for example, if you think about life in terms of money or gain, you have a strong Base Chakra and because of that you cannot sense the subtle energies of the higher realities.

At the other extreme there are the people who are always spaced out, who are always up in the clouds and do not relate to physical conditions very well. They have a hard time doing what needs to be done in this physical dimension. Their problem is that they have very little Base Chakra activity and too much North Pole activity.

Your view of the world depends on the state of your Base Chakra. Your experience of life, the way your physical body works, how you relate to other people, how you relate to the Cosmos—they are all about your Base Chakra. If it is malfunctioning, therefore, it is not possible for you to become a Warrior, or attain Cosmic Consciousness, in the first place.

The Base Chakra represents Earth, meaning “Earth” in a cosmic sense, that is, Matter. And here is the mystery, because the Base Chakra is also called the Foundation. In the New Testament, Jesus refers to “the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matthew 25: 34). That “foundation of the world” is cosmic. Everything in the Physical World, the Astral World and the Mental World is made out of Matter, and Matter is the foundation of the Universe—the basic substance, the basic essence out of which all things are made, out of which all manifest things are possible.

Everything has a gravitational field and the Base Chakra is the gravitational field that attaches you to the planet Earth, the Earth’s gravitational field (in the same way that your Crown Chakra attaches you to the gravitational field of the Spirit). If you could see chakras clairvoyantly, you would see that the Base Chakra is facing down towards the centre of the Earth (and the Crown Chakra is facing up). This means that the task of the Base Chakra is to enable you to live on this planet, not only in the physical dimension but also on the astral, mental and even the causal dimensions. Without the pull of the Base Chakra you would not be able to function in those dimensions.

Incidentally, for those of you who are science fiction fans and dream about travelling to outer space, I would suggest that you not do it, because you would get into a huge stew. Every planet has its own gravitational field with a north and south pole, and your physical body is made to respond to the gravitational field of this planet; your astral body (your emotional body) is made to respond to the astral gravitational field (the astral body) of this planet; and your mind body is made to respond to the mental gravitational field (mental body) of this planet—not of Pluto, Jupiter or Saturn and certainly not of some other planet outside the Solar System. All the planets have their specific energy-fields, and you cannot change your energy-field unless you are a highly evolved human being.



Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Ch 9 Pages 97-100)

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