Be Ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds

Every condition in your life is changed by changing your mind. Whatever your life condition—in this world, in the Astral World before birth or after death, in the hell states, the heaven states, or in any part of Creation—the key to it is the mind. Whatever your mind perceives is what you are going to experience at that time; whether it is heaven or hell, bliss or indifference, it is only mind- stuff. There are no conditions in Creation which are not ruled by the mind. “Heaven” is just an illusory realm of the mind; it is that part of the mind which enjoys itself in bliss and creativity. “Hell” is also an illusory realm of the mind; it is that part of the mind which enjoys itself in depression, suicidal mania, fear and violence. These are all just states of mind. Whether you are in the body or out of the body, the mind is your existential reality. What you are in your mind is what you experience!

Therefore this injunction, Be ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds, is all- important. It is the key, not only to spiritual progress but even to normal day- by- day living, in or out of the body. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Astral World or the Physical World; wherever you live, the same Law applies: Your mind will determine what you experience. To understand this Law and to apply it right here, this very moment, is all- important.

Suppose you are feeling depressed and suicidal, or that you simply want to kill somebody because you don’t like how things are run; it is only a mind- state, a mind- condition, so you can change it by a renewal of your mind. Just bring a completely different mind- wave inside you and that condition will disappear. When we feel sorry for ourselves, it simply means that we have a wrong idea about ourselves, so the mind decides to be sorry for itself. When you change your mental frequency and begin to think some other things, that wrong image disappears. You have a clear image about yourself and are no longer unhappy with yourself.

It is the same with the idea that you lack something. Most of us are neurotic because we think we don’t have enough. If you are a millionaire, you don’t have enough. If you are a multi- millionaire, you still don’t have enough. You can ask any millionaire and they will always complain that they don’t have enough. This idea that you are lacking something is just a condition of the mind. Nobody is ever satisfied.

This lesson is absolutely all- important to learn in the Here and Now because it is applicable for the rest of Eternity. You will always have a mind, and your mind will always experience. It is that which can experience! So the lesson of how to work with it, deal with it and use it constructively is all- important for all Eternity. You can change your condition by the Renewal of your Mind!

Those of you who have permanent depressions and feelings of insecurity or fear, or who think that you are lacking things, just realize that this is only in your mind. Your body is only a projection of your mind. The world around you is only a projection of your mind. If you go into somebody’s house, it will be different from other people’s houses because they create their environment according to their mind. Everything around you is created by your mind. So the message of this sentence, Be ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds, is to understand this tremendous power and creativity of the mind and its correct utilization. It tells you that you can change everything inside and outside yourself by the renewal of your mind, by putting the mind onto a completely different wavelength.

You can change your mind by direct understanding, as you are given in the School of Psychology. Understanding, itself, will change the wavelength of your mind. Or you can do it by chanting, for instance, or by different forms of meditation, processes which change your energy to a higher wavelength, which enable you to live a higher existential reality. It doesn’t matter what technique; there are thousands and thousands of techniques. The fact of renewal is what is important. In the School of Psychology you change your mind by direct understanding, by reflecting on the meaning of these Magic Words—the  Words of Power. By simply reflecting on the unalterable Truths which are given to you, changes are produced inside you. As soon as you realize what they imply for you, a change is already accomplished. This is why we give you these statements of Truth: through understanding and appreciating them you can never be the same again. If you understand these principles your life will be radically changed. That is the method of the School of Psychology. You can always use these principles. Wherever you are, if you know that your life is not as you want it to be, and if you know that it’s only a mental condition, then you know that you can change it by the renewing of your mind. This simple Law means that you have total control over your life. Whatever moods you perceive, they are not a final condition. If you are feeling depressed or angry, then say, “Okay, this is just a mind- condition; I’m going to renew my mind and this condition will disappear.” And it will disappear.

It is not important for us to live in hell all our lives. Some people do! Some people live in hell for many lives because they don’t realize that their mind created their hell. Yet the mind can dissolve hell as much as it can create heaven. For the mind, it is the same thing. The mind is a creative instrument, the only creative instrument you have. It is not only the musicians, scientists, artists, writers, poets, great thinkers and metaphysicians who use the mind as a creative instrument; we are all using the mind as a creative instrument, but we do not know it! The problem is that we don’t know the creativity of the mind. In the School of Psychology this is emphasized again and again: Everything is in the mind. The key to the whole process is the mind. If you desire hell, then that is what you’re going to get. If you desire heaven, then that is what you’re going to get. Both heaven and hell are illusory states. Even the Theosophical “heaven world” is a total illusion; it is just a mind world. Hell and heaven are creations of the mind, so you can alter them to suit you. If you don’t like your heaven, you can alter it; if you don’t like your hell, you can alter that; if you don’t like the way you are, you can alter even that. You can alter everything by changing the frequency of the mind.



These Mantras are Words- of- Power- by- Thought. Some Mantras work by the power of sound- vibrations, but these work by the power of thought. Thought has great power to rule, to guide, to transform. Each of these “thoughts” in the following pages come from an interior Realization, a Revelation, born in Cosmic Consciousness. They are not just ordinary thoughts, popping into the mind when it is idle; they are things seen from the point of view of Higher Consciousness.


The Inner Practice

  1. Repeat the Words of Power aloud, several times to yourself, very slowly. For example: “The Spirit of Infinite Power is within me.”
  2. Repeat the Words of Power inwardly, silently in your mind, very slowly.
  3. Dwell on the meaning of the Mantra. Consider all of its implications in your life, and how this truth changes your whole perception of life. Can you think it through, what it really means, that the Spirit of Infinite Power is within you? What amazing possibilities does it reveal to you? What amazing changes can it bring into your life?
  4. Break the Mantra down and reflect on the parts.

“The Spirit of Infinite Power… …is within me.”

  1. Then reduce the Mantra to the essential truth. Go into it in great detail in your mind. “The Spirit of Infinite Power.”
  2. Then reduce the words further still, to an essential word. “The Spirit.”
  3. By this time, if you have practised correctly, your mind will have stopped. You will have entered the great Silence of Insight, of Realization, of Revelation


It is recommended that you dwell on each Mantra for at least two days.



The Spirit of Infinite Power is within me.

My essence is God’s very own Essence.

My life is hid in God’s Life.



Identification with the body is the bondage of Mankind.

I am greater than my bodily powers and abilities.

I am greater than all limitations imposed upon me by

birth, heredity, environment and circumstances.



My True Nature is Limitless Life, Absolute Freedom and

Fullness of Power. I dwell upon the mountain peaks of

Realization and the summit of Achievement.



I descend into the Valley of Life with full confidence in

my own God- given powers, knowing that all problems,

difficulties and pains that life presents to me will be overcome

and surmounted by the Spirit of Infinite Power,

of which I am an open channel.



Nothing can prevent me from becoming what I want to be.

Nothing can stop me from attaining my Goal.

The Force is with me.



Excerpts from The Magical Mind (Pages 245 – 247 and Meditations Days 1 – 9)

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