The Cyclic Nature of Energies and the Zodiac

Beyond our Solar System, the Cosmos is an infinite electromagnetic energy-field of manifestation. You could say that the Absolute, or the Infinite Mind, is a massive, immeasurable field of energy, but within that immeasurable field of energy there are cyclic movements and each movement is different. When the Wheel turns, a new energy-field comes and shakes up the inner dimensions of Reality. So, for example, when a new cyclic wave from the higher dimensions hits the energy field of our Sun, it affects the whole radiation field of the Sun, which contains every planet and everything on it.

And this is another thing that is happening at the moment: a new wave of energy is hitting the energy-field of our Sun and intensifying every vibration in the Solar System, and because of that all of the planets in our Solar System are being impacted. That’s number one.

Number two is that the Solar System is being influenced by another part of the zodiac. Now, you know that the last age was called the Piscean Age and now we are in the Aquarian Age. What this means is that our Sun and all its planets—which are only smaller energy-fields within the larger energy-field of the Sun itself—that whole vast living mechanism is coming under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius.

All the stars within each constellation of the zodiac emanate energy, and they have their unique energy-field. In fact, every planet and every star in the Cosmos has its unique energy-field according to its cosmic development, because—and this might stretch your mind a bit—every star and planet is a living being! Most people think that the Earth is just composed of dead matter that somehow got together and formed itself into a planet. They can’t understand that there is intelligence behind everything—an atom is intelligent, a planet is intelligent, a star is intelligent, a cosmos is intelligent.

This means that we have two kinds of energies coming at us: the cyclic energies coming from the higher dimensions, from the Kingdom of God, or Nirvāṇa, and the Sun coming under the influence of a different star system. So we are bombarded by vertically moving energies from the inside and horizontally moving energies from the outside.

The combination of these energies will be extraordinary; the whole planet is going to vibrate faster and faster. And what will the human beings do? That is the problem. What they will do is start killing each other. When people are overstimulated they declare war on somebody so that they can blow off some steam. Remember, the way human beings behave is not compulsory; it’s a choice. Nobody makes people kill each other; it’s just how they react because of ignorance and their warped nature. Increased vibrations can actually be used for our benefit.

The two vibrations together form the Cross, which is actually a symbol of evolution, so the possibility for our evolution is phenomenal. In one hundred years we could become like the angels; in two hundred years, like the archangels; in one thousand years, like the Elohīm, the Kosmokratores (Cosmic Creators). There is no limit to what we can do. And it is all determined by how we react to things. Will we react negatively, and create devastation, or positively, and become Buddhas and Christs?

That is the whole point and that is why this is a tremendous opportunity. We had an opportunity like this in Lemurian times and we messed it up; and in Atlantean times we messed it up again. Unfortunately, when these great cyclical stimulations happen we tend to mess things up through ignorance and our unstable nature, and through not wanting to change with the new energies. That is the big thing: not wanting to change, holding on to the past. That has been the curse of human evolution for millions of years!

In reality, these are amazing opportunities for cosmic evolution. Really, really amazing! An opportunity like this only comes once every hundred thousand years or so. The zodiac changes every 2,160 years but it’s very seldom that the internal cyclical energies come down at the same time as the zodiacal change. We are moving within and without simultaneously, so it’s a phenomenal chance for growth, for the speeding up of the evolution of all life on this planet.

Excerpt from The New Heaven & The New Earth (Pages 33 – 34)

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