The Life-Force and You

Remember, the Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Surrender), the Way of Cosmic Vision (Seeing), the Way of Transcendental Sound (Hearing) and the Way of the Divine Breath (Breathing) are all gateways to immortality. They were designed to create the conscious experience of immortality, whereby you realize your oneness with the indestructible power that always was, is and will be. That power can change, because power transforms itself, but it can never be destroyed. Scientists rediscovered that which was taught by the Ancients, that energy can be transformed but not destroyed. This great power, by whatever name it is called, is the source of all systemic and evolutionary creation processes, so once you are hooked onto that vast energy-field you automatically become immortal, eternal, in a deathless condition.

The Way of the Divine Breath is about recognizing what your breath is on a deeper layer inside you, then moving outside your own auric energy-field to sense the planetary breath and then the solar systemic breath and so on. This is a simple and natural process. Nothing needs to be imposed from the outside because you have the faculties you need within you already. In fact, human beings have always possessed these faculties, because there is a larger reality. These faculties are simply imitating that larger reality in our personal existence: we see, we hear and we surrender, as the planet does to the Solar System, as the Sun does to the Super-Sun, as the Super-Sun does to the Lord of the Galaxy, as the Lord of the Galaxy does to Parabrahman, the Absolute Reality. These processes have always existed, and once you discover that, you liberate yourself from identification with human limitation, from the idea that you are a miserable, worthless human being.

You may think you are a failure and feel that the end of your life has arrived. But what if you start sensing that you are part of a great reality, a great life-force? When you are on that larger wave, everything that human beings strive to attain seems so small, too insignificant to have a breakdown about. This is where the problem with the education system lies, where the wrong ideas of life are taught—that success in life means becoming a lawyer, dentist or accountant and earning lots of money. So you work to achieve that and then realize that you are not happy at all. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go to school or work. I am saying that it is not your cosmic goal; it is not what being human is about. Whatever we do on this physical plane is part of the simple necessities of life, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to see where it fits into the larger, cosmic picture.

People feel they have to do what society expects them to do and then go into terrible states of depression if they think they have failed. But they have not failed; it is just their vision that is too narrow. What if they said, “Wow, I am breathing in the great Life-Force, I am seeing the Eternal Light, I am One with the Divine”? Where is the failure? You can fail a human objective but you cannot fail Life itself because you are Life, you are part of the Universal Life-Force. You cannot fail that.

This is why it is so important to educate Humanity regarding the true vision and purpose of life. Once you start experiencing the greater Life through the Way of the Spiritual Warrior, the Way of Cosmic Vision, the Way of Transcendental Sound or the Way of the Divine Breath, you will be forever happy because you know that you cannot fail. These Ways teach you how to live the Cosmic Life. When you sincerely practise and truly understand any one of them, you will begin to live as a citizen of the Cosmos, rather than a citizen of a tiny community with limited ideas. You will have a different understanding and a different attitude to life because you realize that you are part of a much larger reality. Then, you will be bubbling inside with the joy that comes from never losing your inner connectedness with the greater Reality.

Remember, this does not mean that you should give up your job and responsibilities. If there is something you have to do, you do it. This is the Way of the Warrior. The Warrior always fights for what is right, for the Light, for the unveiling of Reality for the greater community and all Humankind. For the last three thousand years in India, this idea was wrongly interpreted: everything was regarded as Māyā (illusion, limitation) and so why bother with everyday life? This is a wrong understanding and India degenerated because of it; for this world is not an illusion but part of the Ultimate Reality. It is simply that this world has certain laws and is structured in certain ways (just as the Astral World or Nirvāṇa has its own laws and ways of doing things), but in its own category it is real. Every part of the Cosmos is structured and purposefully directed and you have to discover the functional laws of each plane and comply with them, and try to do things in the best way.

There is a scene in Star Wars where one of the surviving Jedis kills someone for no reason other than anger. The interesting part is that Yoda (the Master Warrior with Cosmic Consciousness) was able to feel this Jedi committing a wrong act even though he was on another planet. You might think this is just a silly Hollywood idea, but it isn’t. At a certain level of spiritual evolution you can be so in tune with the whole Solar System (and beyond) that you can actually feel a change in the radiation of the Universal Energy-Field when something wrong is happening. This is what happens when you are working with the Life- Force, the Divine Breath. Of course, if you have opened your Inner Eye, then you can see exactly where it is happening; if you have opened your Inner Ear, you can actually hear the cries of those in distress; and if you are a Spiritual Warrior standing in the Light, you immediately know that something is wrong in the alignment of the Light.



Excerpt from The New Planetary Reality) (1st Edition 129-132, 2nd Edition Pages 118-121).

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