What is Reality?

Reality is a Conscious-Light, a Stupendous Light-Being, a Being of Immeasurable Splendour, a Light Transcendent yet Immanent. This is not an inanimate light like electricity; this Being is Consciousness Itself, Life Itself, All-Knowingness, All-Glory, All-Power. This is the true sense of the word God, of Nirvāṇa, of Ātmā (Ātman). This is the true Spiritual Sun, the true Sun-Light, the Light that shines in the Darkness and the Darkness comprehends it not.

Reality is Pure Being, Pure Consciousness, Universal-Conscious-​Light-Being, Inconceivable Glory, all Potentiality to manifest an infinite number of Universes, Omniscient Majesty, Omnipresent-​Becoming, Eternity, Infinity, a Formless Form, Universal Will-Power, Timeless Intelligence.

Reality is an Imperishable Person of measureless magnitude, an Eternally-Awake Consciousness beyond human understanding.

Reality is Conscious Blissful Immortality.

Reality is Perpetually Undisturbed Peace.

Reality is Immeasurable Intensity.

Reality is Absolute Intense Livingness.

Reality is Absolute Equilibrium and Delicate Poise of all Universal Powers and Potentialities.

Reality is Self-Conscious Wakefulness, a Burning Aliveness, a Fiery Livingness, an Eternal Sense of Now.

Reality-Nirvāṇa-Ātman-God is the Centre within the All and through the All. It is the Heart of All, the Hṛdayaṁ. Wheresoever you look, there is the Heart of God.


In Search of Reality

Meditation is a search for Reality. Because Reality is not understood, however, meditation is not understood. This New Age of Aquarius is an extremely materialistic age; therefore, even meditation has been twisted into a quest for material progress.

Meditation, in truth, is a quest for the Real, the Imperishable, the Eternal One. Reality has been called Divinity, the Self-Existent One, the Godhead, the Immutable, or Puruṣottama (the Highest Being).

The Eternal Reality is beyond thought; therefore, in your meditation you must reach the thought-less state (Unmani), beyond the mind. Your mind must be neutralized, dissolved (Manolaya) and made inactive (Manonāśa). Your mind must be made all harmonious and tranquil (Samādhi). It is only then that Reality appears to your Inner Gaze as the Luminous Light-Being which is within All, and which is your very Self.

Be careful when you use the words God, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Rāma, Devī, and so forth, to describe Reality. These words have been “humanized”, “anthropomorphized”, invested with human qualities, with human vices, imperfections and characteristics. The forms and mythologies invented by humans to try to grasp the nature of Reality are but feeble attempts by the ignorant to explain the Real to other ignorants. Use these words in the true sense of Reality.

The worst of these human inventions is that God can get angry, is vengeful, and puts people into everlasting hell and suffering. Whosoever invented this myth has obviously not experienced Reality (the Godhead). The ignorant populace follows blindly like sheep. They all fall into the pit of Darkness.


Quest for Reality

Nirvāṇa-Reality-God penetrates all things: the physical universe, the subtle worlds and the subtlest realms. When you are in Nirvāṇa there is nothing else: this world does not exist, the subtle worlds do not exist, the subtlest realms are not. When you are out of Nirvāṇa, multiplicity appears: the body appears, the mind appears, the ego appears. In Nirvāṇa you are Divine; out of Nirvāṇa you are human.

This world is relative reality, temporal reality, because everything is continually changing and passing away. There is no stability here. The invisible worlds are semi-permanent semi-realities because they last longer, and life within them lasts longer, but they too succumb to Pralaya (Dissolution) at the end of the Kalpa (a designated evolutionary period).

Only Parabrahman (the Godhead) is real, because it is Akṣara (immutable, imperishable, immobile, everlasting, unchanging). Meditation is the seeking for That (Tat). The Realization of That through direct experience is the goal of meditation and the goal of human life—to become imperishable, immortal, eternal.

Do not think that Questing for the Absolute (Sat, Reality) is far-fetched or impossible. It is your Destiny.

It is your Destiny (Dharma) to rebecome a Child of God. In Essence we are all gods and goddesses, Children of God. Our lives are, in truth, Cosmic Life. We already are Citizens of the Cosmos. The limitations of the physical body do not affect the Freedom of the Spirit (Ātman) within you.

Illumination is our birthright.

Illumination is Soul-Light, Spirit-Light. We all carry this already, deep within ourselves. The Light of Reality is steadily irradiating the Spirit within us all the time.

Excerpts from Heaven & Hells of the Mind Volume 3 – Pages 1174-1175, 1178



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