The Law of Your Being

imre vallyon

The important thing is to know that you have been conditioned and that conditioning is a superficial reality that works in the world for worldly purposes, but it is not what you really are. What you really are is infinitely larger and your potential is beyond your wildest imagination. You can discover that through Stillness. And once you establish yourself in the Law of Your Being, you lift yourself up to another plateau of reality. You are a human being but you relate to life on an unimaginably different level.

I’m trying to say that there is a level of consciousness completely different from the normal conditioning processes of the world, and what is more, that there is a way to attain it. It’s one thing to realize the possibility that you can live in a timeless, immortal state of consciousness; it’s another thing to actually get there.

Here we need an important quality: determination; because it is only through determination that you can get to that state. Somebody can tell you about the wonders of being human, the infinite possibilities inside you, and you can say, “Yes, that’s really nice, but I don’t have time now. I’ll think about it after I retire, when I have more time.” That person lacks determination and will therefore not get to that level of consciousness in this lifetime or in any lifetime, until they have determination.

To bring it down to a more ordinary level, some people decide that they are going to be a doctor, lawyer or a dentist because they can earn lots of money, so they go to university and study until they become one. Others might have another ideal, say, helping people. But whatever view of life you have, whether you want to earn money or help people, you still need the same quality: determination. If you want to be a ballet dancer or a musician, you have to practise hours and hours a day, year in and year out, with absolute determination. Yogīs in India sit in their caves and meditate fourteen hours a day, year in and year out, with absolute determination to attain Enlightenment. You cannot succeed in life unless you have determination.

Determination is an energy stream inside you coming from your Higher Self, the Soul, the Immortal Principle within you. It is a real energy, as real as electricity or steam or atomic energy. It is not a thought. In fact, the energy comes first; the thought about success comes afterwards. First you have the energy and that motivates you to think the vision. That energy is the power inside you driving you on to your vision, like a fire inside you that drives you to plod on day in and day out, year in and year out, until you attain your goal.  As I said, this determination energy comes from the Soul realm, not from your mind. Your mind is actually the thing that obstructs your determination, that will stop you from succeeding, for the simple reason that it will find excuses. It is not the mind that is determined; it is the mind that is your enemy. In any aspect of life, no matter what field you are in—spiritual or material—success depends on how much determination you have. But that comes from your Soul Energy.

I’m not talking about having to become a monk or nun and join the silent orders of a Roman Catholic monastery, or having to become a sādhu in India. That has nothing to do with determination at all. I’m talking about a magical power of your Soul. If you say, “I’m going to attain Enlightenment in this lifetime” and really mean it, then your Soul will begin to rearrange your whole life-stream for that purpose, and that purpose will work itself out in miraculous ways in your daily life.

It is the Soul that will work out the miraculous occurrences of your daily life, not your mind. You will just feel that you have to do this or that with a clear, precise knowing. You won’t have to logically or rationally work it out; your Soul will rearrange every circumstance and every moment of your life to fit in with your determination.

So the first thing is to determine that in this lifetime you will attain Enlightenment. And then, if that determination is really strong, the power of your Soul will work miracles in your life to get you there. Nothing can obstruct it. The fact that you have a job and a family is no obstruction; the fact that you are poor is not an obstruction (it may be better for you); the fact that you are rich is not an obstruction (though it could be harder for you). All the things people identify with in the world have no relevance to the Enlightenment process at all. The external life you live is not where it comes from or ends; your external life has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the immanence of the Soul within you, whether the bright, shining Self within you is active in your life.  That is what leads to Enlightenment.

Moreover, it does not matter where you are or what you are doing. You can be in the midst of battle and attain Enlightenment. As the arrows are flying and you are ducking them, in that moment you can attain Enlightenment. There was a famous Kabbalist who attained Enlightenment while he was sitting on the toilet. He was thinking about Malkuth (the Physical Plane) and all its functions and in that moment he got it: the Divine is in every aspect of the Physical Plane. Enlightenment is determined by the state of your being, so you do not have to restrict your existence in any special way to attain it. You just have to be what you are—live the Law of Your Being—and it will come.


This is an exercise you can practise on the Law of your Being. It is really an attitude to life itself. Sit in your meditation position and read the following paragraph many times. Try to develop this attitude in your life, firstly while you are sitting quietly and later on while you are doing other things.


The way to your Being is not a matter of distance, nor of time.

It always is. Although we speak of a way or a journey, it is really not going anywhere. It is being inwardly still, silent, receptive, being bright and awake inside. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. To realize your Being, or Self-Nature, you have to turn your attention within rather than outside. You have to cultivate the Silence that just is. This is the way to your Being.

Excerpt from The Way of The Spiritual Warrior ~ The Timeless Path to Enlightenment, Chapter10, Pg109 -111

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