The Divine Mother and Divine Father Exist Simultaneously

There is rhythm and law in the Universe. Everything has its law. The Sun has to stay in its own particular place; the Earth has to stay in its particular place; the Solar System has to stay in its particular place in relationship to the rest of the Galaxy, and the Galaxy has to stay in its particular place in relationship to the rest of the Universe and so on. This is because of the tremendous ordering principle, the energy, the power of the Cosmic Fire which is the Divine Father.

It is not a symbol; it is a real energy; it is an intelligent energy that is sheer, irresistible Will that maintains things as they are. This is what is called the order of the Universe or the Divine Reason. It is the Fatherhood of God.

The Motherhood creates the Universe. Out of the Mother comes the Universe but it is the Father Principle that maintains everything in order in a particular situation. It has to, otherwise everything would collide and there would be total chaos in the Universe.

So the Father’s function is to bring order and to maintain order in the Universe. The Mother’s function is to create the children, to beget the Universe, to produce, to bring forth the Universe. The Father is the one who looks after the progeny in a controlled manner. It is very much like a human family. We can use the human family as a symbol for what really takes place on cosmic levels and this is exactly what the ancients did when they said as above so below and as below so above. They studied the human situation and deducted the cosmic situation and vice versa, studied the cosmic situation and deducted the ideal human situation—how we should be.

Many religions of the world have the Mother Principle of worship where people pray to the Mother Principle. People prayed to the Mother for help, for assistance, for all the things they needed because the Mother understood. It is a very gentle principle, the principle of Understanding.

The Kabbalists said that the Universe is mental, the product of thought, and the differentiations arise because of the intelligence within substance itself. Within the Primordial Substance there is the intelligence of the Divine Mother, which causes the multiplicity of Creation, the many names and many forms. There are many species of intelligent beings in the Universe but they still arise within the Substance and the Consciousness of the Divine Mother. Therefore everything in the Universe is the Divine Mother.

If you really understand this, you are close to Truth. You are not far from the Divine Mother because you are the Substance of the Divine Mother. This has to be remembered always and when you really understand it your life will become extraordinarily joyous and happy. You do not need to feel that you are abandoned in life and you do not need to feel that you are struggling all on your own.

The true meaning of the Cross is that in the Universe everything is mutually co-ordinated, united in opposite polarities and in harmony. It is only within the human mind that there is disharmony between the masculine and feminine elements of our being and between the masculine and feminine elements in society. This disharmony has existed for quite a few thousand years. One principle tends to dominate over the other. Nowadays it is the male principle but before that it was the female principle.

Your happiness depends on internal balance, the balancing of the male and female forces, the faculties and abilities inside you as well as in your outer life. If you don’t have this it’s time to work on that particular area.

Then you will be able to tune in directly to the Divine Mother and to the Divine Father. The Wisdom of the Father and the Mercy, Compassion and Understanding of the Divine Mother will manifest in you and in your life. The balancing of the male and female is the work of Alchemy, the work of the Hindu system of Tantra, the work of Tao and it exists even in Christianity.

If you want to meditate inwardly and visualize the God within, it is a good idea if you are a male to invoke and visualize the female aspect of God, the Divine Mother. If you are a female it is good to visualize and invoke the Father, the Male Principle. In Christianity the monks usually prayed to and invoked the Virgin Mary and the nuns usually were devoted to the Christ. In India, the female devotees worshipped Krishna and the male devotees worshipped Radha, the female aspect.

It’s not necessary to do this but it is helpful to balance yourself, invoking the opposite polarity thereby uniting yourself as a harmonious whole. It has been found to be helpful to many people to invoke the opposite aspect of Divinity inside themselves to obtain the right balance. You will find that your inner psychic mechanism comes to a perfect wholeness and perfection.

There is a plan, a Divine Order. God has a plan for you. The Father has a plan for you, in the same way as it has a plan for each solar system, galaxy, planet, star and sun. There is a plan for each man, woman and child. God is always essentially united. The male and female in God is not separated. It is a simultaneous being.

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8 thoughts on “The Divine Mother and Divine Father Exist Simultaneously

  1. like says:

    Eҳcellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am inspired!
    Extremely helpful info sρecifically thе closing part 🙂 I care for suсh info a lot. I was seeking this
    certain informatіon for a very long time. Thanks and bеst of luck.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Like others, I too have at times found it easier to relate to the Mother aspect of the Divine. How wonderful that I found this. As usual, Imre and his Teaching answer every longing of my Heart.

  3. Hans says:

    This clears lots of question in my mind. Thank you so much for these simple and deep insights of the Divine Father and Divine Mother.

  4. Joanna says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Cosmic Parents “came to” me few months ago in one of my dreams and it’s so beautiful and releasing to know that they ARE. That we ARE from them.

  5. Jeremy farris says:

    Very good. Masculine and feminine energy I would say also is a better way to put it. Cosmically why would there be male and female or On earth for that matter.?. I agree with most of this though:) and was drawn to this link because of something Yogananda said. The one exception is something I’m not sure of; that The father has a plan for you. In loo of chaos theory I think we don’t have a plan, but the jist of it may be planned. How do we know? Although I was told by a friend we have lived this life before once through and I believed them.

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