The Origins of Humankind

One of the teaching stories in the Old Testament is the story about Adam and Eve, who ate an apple, so God got angry and cast them out of Paradise. Since this is a teaching story, in the old days a real Teacher could explain what the story meant.  What it means is that Humanity lost touch with the Causal World because we were forced to descend below the causal dimensions by the force of Evolution, by the Will of God. Once we descended into the lower regions of the Mental Plane (the Heaven Worlds) we naturally lost our Causal Consciousness. And when we descended into the Astral World we lost our consciousness of the Heaven Worlds. When we descended into the etheric region of the Physical World (which was at the start of the Lemurian Age a few million years ago) we lost touch with the Astral World. And then when we finally took on these animal bodies, borrowed from the Animal Kingdom, we even lost touch with the etheric dimensions of the Physical World.

You can therefore see that being cast out of the Garden of Eden took aeons of time and a long series of devolutions—all planned by the Divine Mind, whose final objective for human evolution was to join Spirit and Matter, to embody the higher spiritual realities in the densest bodily form. That was the Primordial Archetypal Plan for Humanity in the Divine Mind, and that is why we had to lose touch with the previous dimensions in order to gain this (the physical) dimension).

When the Spiritual Hierarchy discovered that human beings were gradually losing touch with the Higher Realities because they were increasingly focusing on the lower dimensions as part of their devolution, they invoked the Angelic Hierarchy to help humans stay in touch with the causal dimension, which, as I said, is the lowest spiritual dimension. That was when the angels taught individual human beings the Science of Sound, or the Science of Mantra Yoga, if you like, or the Primordial Language of Sound.

Later on, when Humanity descended into the Astral World, that science was taught less and less because people unfortunately became entangled in the Astral World and began to develop emotions, for the Astral World is a seething sea of emotions, from the basest negative emotions to the most exalted spiritual emotions. For them, astral consciousness became their normal consciousness and the Astral World their normal world. So when you were an Atlantean you lived in the seven sub-layers of the Astral World. You were aware of the physical dimensions, the mental dimensions and a bit of the causal dimensions, but your full consciousness was focused in the Astral World.

Then a new problem emerged: we developed a sense of separation. Before that, when we were still in the Garden of Eden, in Causal Consciousness, everybody felt one with everybody else. We were all Souls living in causal bodies in the Causal Worlds in a state of unity and harmony. There was no reason for us to have a sense of separation. But once we descended from the higher astral dimensions to the lower astral dimensions we began to develop a sense of isolation, a sense of ego, a sense of attaining things for oneself alone—a sense of selfish grasping.

Once the sense of selfish grasping arose, there came with it the problem of evil, for the simple reason that when you wanted to grasp something you often had to do it through force. That was when the Atlanteans developed the highest system of black magic ever invented. They could use real elemental beings and could create artificial elementals, and they fought psychic wars with each other using the Primordial Language of Sound.

When this happened the great Teachers of the time stopped teaching the Science of Sound except to initiated people, those who still remained on the right path. Later on, when Atlantis became so degenerated that it had to be sunk, the Science of Sound was abolished and was purposefully not taught. From then on, amongst all the ancient races, it was only taught on an individual basis, teacher to pupil; it was no longer taught publicly because of the danger of it being misused as it was in Atlantis.

The Science of Sound is about using this knowledge intelligently, for individual progress, for group progress and for the progress of Humanity. Remember, I’m still talking about the Warrior Path, because the Warriors have always used Sound. The ancient Atlanteans were great Warriors who used Sound and Light, the superior forces of Nature, to do what the Christ did: change physical conditions—such as stilling a stormy lake. First they mastered the Sound within themselves and saw how it works within and without, in the physical environment. Then they mastered the Sound on the astral level, seeing how it affected astral matter, and then on the mental dimensions, where they saw how the Sound works to structure mental matter. And finally they saw the Sound on the causal dimension, where it becomes the first layer of materiality.

(Above the Causal World—in the Buddhic dimension, the Nirvāṇic dimension and the Paranirvāṇic dimension—everything is pure Spirit, which means it is Light in its most refined nature. Only in the Causal World does the Light becomes dense enough to be perceived as matter; above that, it is just Light with no sense of materiality in it.)

The Causal World is the critical stage because it is the halfway point between the material dimensions below, which have forms and shapes, and the spiritual dimensions above, which are formless. Below the Causal there are waves or energy modulations of Matter, or what appears to be substance having some sort of solidity. Above that there is no sense of solidity, just waves of Pure Intelligence. In the Monadic dimensions, or Paranirvāṇa, which is where Buddha reached in his last incarnation, the Spirit is perceived as Cosmic Intelligence. That is why Master Yogīs like Pataṇjali talk about the Deity as Consciousness, using words like Pure Mind, Pure Consciousness, Pure Intelligence, because on that level you cannot describe the Deity as Light. It is beyond that; it is just Pure Beingness


For those of you on the Spiritual Path, the existence of God should not be in doubt, but remember not to limit God to the Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Hindu idea. Those are ideas of God; they are not God. Ideas formulated by the intellect, the reasoning faculty of the human mind, are not even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of Reality, because the human mind is incapable of seeing Reality correctly.



Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Pages 128 – 131)

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