The Primordial Language of Sound

You have to understand that this is a science, meaning that when you understand the Science of the Primordial Sound Language you can experiment with it and get results. In a science, what you do produces certain results and you can test those results over and over again. If your theory is correct you should get the same results; if you start getting different results then there is something wrong with your theory. With the Colour and Sound Language the results are always the same. Certain sounds—like RĀM, for example—produce physical, astral, mental and causal vibrations. In the physical world you do not see the colour of RĀM, but on the astral and higher levels you can see the waves of Colour that it produces.

One of the most important aspects of the Spiritual Warrior Path is the Science of Sound, or the Primordial Language of Sound.

The people who received special instructions in all the great ancient traditions—initiated Hindu Swamis, initiated Kabbalists (not the common rabbis) in the ancient Hebrew system, initiated Chinese, Sūfīs and Gnostics—were taught this Sacred Science. So where did this amazing science, which was completely known to the Atlanteans, come from?

The Atlantean races were taught the ancient Primordial Language of Sound by the angels, the Angelic Hierarchy. Remember that in those days the Atlanteans did not have an intellect, or an intellectual mind, as we have now. They thought in terms of sound and light waves—that is, Colour (Light) and Sound. That was also the ancient language of the Devas, or the angels, who still think and communicate by Colour and Sound, because they also have no logical minds. You might think that the Archangel Gabriel and the other angels are all rational beings or computer nerds, but they aren’t. All the angelic species express themselves through Light-Vibration and Sound-Vibration.

That is because, in the Inner Worlds, Colour (Light) and Sound are the same thing: every sound produces a colour-wave and every colour produces a sound-wave. The two are not separate, except here in this physical world, where you can paint a colour without producing sound and you can make sound without producing a colour. From the astral dimensions to the causal dimensions and beyond, Colour and Sound are inseparable.

This is important to understand because the Light and Sound Language, the language of the Devas, was also the Primordial Language of early Humanity, the first races on the planet.


So what is this Primordial Language about?

When you go into higher states of consciousness, such as Superconsciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Buddhic Consciousness or Nirvāṇic Consciousness, you will discover an amazing thing: the Universe is planned.

The beginning of time was trillions of years ago because this particular Creation is only one of a series of Creations. This whole vast Universe exists now and it will dissolve into the Unmanifest. Before this there was another Universe and before that another and before that another. You can only perceive these great epochs of Creation and Dissolution when you are in Nirvāṇic Consciousness or above. In Paranirvāṇa, where the Buddha is, one is able to perceive Ultimate Causes, Cosmic Realities and Absolute Consciousness. Once you begin to sense even a fragment of that consciousness you realize that it is totally purposeful, intelligent and meaningful, that it has reasons for doing things, although the reasons are way beyond human comprehension.

On that infinite scale of Mind, in the Infinite Mind of the Deity, certain internal stresses or vibrations arise, because everything that is alive has to move. If there were no movement in the Mind of God, this Creation would not exist. Nothing that is stationary can make something happen; for something to happen, there must be movement. So originally, aeons and aeons ago, at the beginning of Creation, the Cosmic Mind fluctuated in a certain way and caused vast “ripples” within its Consciousness— the first movement towards Being, towards a new Creation, a new Universe, a great new epoch of movement forward in Evolution.

These ripples, or waves, of Light become denser and denser, forming the boundless Worlds of Light—the Nirvāṇic dimensions, then the Buddhic dimensions and eventually the Causal World. It is at this point where the human mind can first touch Reality: on the causal dimension, in Causal Consciousness, which we can also call Superconsciousness, a consciousness beyond the mind in which you are conscious of yourself as a Living Soul. This is where you first experience that everything that exists is pure Sound and Light Vibration, where you first connect to the great science of the ancient language, the Primordial Language of Sound.

It is also in the Causal World that you see for the first time that the whole Universe below—the Heaven World, the Astral World and the Physical World—is also made out of pure Sound and Light Vibration, as it is perceivable to a human being. There are Buddhas, Avatāras and other cosmic Beings who perceive this further up in the Creation process, but for Humanity, the first time we can get in touch with the Higher Reality is in the causal dimensions. There you hear the Sounds that later became the Atlantean language, which later became the syllables of all the Sacred Languages of ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek, ancient Chinese, ancient Arabic, and so on. You can hear those Sounds in the Causal World like frequencies of Sound and Light, that is, Sounding-Light, because Sound and Light are one. You see and hear simultaneously.

And it is in the Causal World, in Causal Consciousness, that you understand where the Primordial Language of Sound comes from, where the Science of Mantra comes from and how the lower regions of Creation came about. You can actually hear the Song of the Planet, our Mother Earth, and the Songs (the musical frequencies) of Venus, Mars, Pluto, or the Song of the whole Solar System. You realize that everything— whether a Solar Logos or Planetary Logos, a solar system or a universe or a plant, tree, human or an angel—has a Song, a particular frequency of the Sounding Primary Word. And then you realize that the whole Universe is caused and shaped and moulded and maintained by Sounding-Light Vibration.

Originally, during the prehistoric development of Humanity on this planet and the early days of Atlantis, humans could still access the Causal World in Causal Consciousness. I’m talking about the peak of development of the Atlantean civilization, which had a period of ascension and then a period of decline. The use of black magic and the sinking of the continent happened later, during the decline of their civilization.

The time of Atlantis was not six or eight thousand years ago. There is a Greek story about an island that sank about eight thousand years ago. The Greeks called it Atlantis and ever since then there have been legends about Atlantis. But the real Atlantis existed 800,000 years ago. It was a huge continent that broke up and parts of it sank into the ocean, and then hundreds of thousands of years later the other parts sank. The small island that sank eight thousand years ago was but just the final leftover part of the continent of Atlantis.

The early Atlantean races had Causal Consciousness and could correctly see and hear and respond to the Inner Worlds. They could see and hear the Sound and what it did in the Causal World, how it created the layers of the Astral World, how it formulated the Etheric-Physical World, and they could also see how physical objects came into existence and how they are maintained. That was the Golden Age, the Age of Satya Yuga.

At present we have lost touch with the Inner Worlds, which was expressed symbolically in the Bible as being cast out of the Garden of Eden. Where do you think the Garden of Eden was? Do you think it was somewhere in the desert in Palestine or Israel? Definitely not. The

Garden of Eden was the Causal World.

Remember that many of the Old Testament stories are symbolic and are not to be taken literally.


Knowledge of the Primordial Language of Sound was preserved in the ancient religions, like early Christianity, which borrowed it from the Greeks, who called Sounding-Light Vibration the Logos, the Word of God. “In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God” (John 1: 1). Everybody thinks that this is a Christian idea, taught by Christ, but if you read the New Testament you will see that He does not mention the Logos at all. The Christians borrowed this idea wholesale from the Greek Mystery Schools, which taught about God as Sound and Light thousands of years before Christianity. It was fine for the Christians to borrow that idea because it is a correct idea: God is Sound and God is Light.


Excerpt from The Way of the Spiritual Warrior (Pages 123 -127)

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    so amazing info. I wish you wrote more about the atlantean / primordial language of light….which sounds are used? what are a list of sacred words (such as love, God, wisdom,…) known as?

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