Light is the Soul Connection

The problem with people is that the Soul is not strong enough to control the personality; the Soul is not in command of the personality. So the idea is to connect the personality to the Soul. This connection has nothing to do with outer circumstances. You don’t have to be successful in art, business, politics or science to connect with your Soul. Outer worldly success is relative; you can do it or not do it; it’s your choice. But it has nothing to do with your Soul. Nothing you do in the world has anything to do with your Soul.

So what is this connection? It is Light. That’s why you need to have more and more Light inside you, because only the Light can connect you to your Soul. Why? Because the Soul is Light (your Soul is made of pure Light) and only Light attracts Light.

The personality is made of matter. Now, matter is also Spirit—everything is Spirit—but matter is of a low-frequency vibration, much lower in vibration than your Soul. This is why people are not normally aware that they are Souls. Seven billion people are focused on the personality level, which is a materialistic energy-field of a certain vibration, but the Soul vibrates in a field of Light, and there’s no connection between the two. You have to make a conscious, intelligent connection, you have to work and increase that connection, and then the personality will slowly diminish until only the connection with the Soul remains. Then you are on the Way of Light.

Then you really understand why the great Saints and Masters only talked about the connection to the Soul, not about personal development or how to get rich and famous. Why? Because the Soul lives in a world of Light, a world of absolute Joy, absolute Bliss, absolute Happiness, absolute Love—everything that you have ever wanted; there is nothing that you desire which is not in the world of the Soul.

The brighter the Light inside you, the more chance you have to move into the New Reality, and those who have no Light will be left behind. This is the law of Life, the law of Nature.  The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of the Light, a field of sheer brilliant Light that has always existed and will always exist, and because of certain cosmic reasons it is now coming closer to Earth.

This is why the whole of Humanity is presently at a crossroad, a testing and trial period. First of all, individuals are being tested as to whether or not they are fit to enter the Kingdom of God individually, and different groups around the planet, both religious and esoteric, are being tested if they can enter as a group. They are being tested by the measure of Light—how much Light they have individually and as a group. No one can cheat the Light; the Light “knows” whether you are ready or not. You cannot say, “I’ve been a faithful follower for so many years, therefore I must deserve the Light.” You cannot deserve the Light unless you are the Light. It is not a mental concept; it is a transformation inside you, what you are inside.

In this day and age, unfortunately, everything goes through the mind. Those who are educated in psychology, philosophy, science and other fields try to find solutions to all problems through their mind. It is all a field of mental activity that is perfectly natural for the way human beings have evolved until now, but it does not qualify them to enter the Kingdom of the Light, no matter how clever they are, because the Light is of a different quality from the mind. The mind is just part of one’s personality: it is still materialistic, still the vibration of Matter. The Light is a much higher vibration, a subtle, fine energy, and the only way you can connect your personality with the Light is through the Light itself. There is no other way. Mind cannot do it, emotions cannot do it, physical vitality cannot do it—nothing can do it but Light itself.

The important thing is that you must gather Light. If the Light is blazing inside you all the time no matter what goes on, then you know that you have connected to the Light. At a certain point the Light becomes irreversible: it shines inside you all the time, twenty-four hours a day, undisturbed by what you do or do not do. Whether you are sick or healthy, happy or not happy makes no difference; circumstances will not change the Light inside you.

It is important to make an all-out effort to connect to the Light and remain in the Light because the days are coming when you won’t be able to do it. Christ said, “Walk in the Light while you have the Light because the days are coming when you will not have the Light anymore” (John 12: 35). In other words, you have to have the Light before the bad days arrive, because during those times, circumstances will be such that you will not be able to access it.

Excerpt from The New Heaven & The New Earth (Pages 92 – 96)

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